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Paramedic backlash after two women SPARED jail following a SAVAGE assault on their colleague

  15th May ’18  | Twitter @ES_Humour | Contact us |Visit our Website   Medics left seething after criminals who broke their colleagues foot during a savage assault are SPARRED jail!   Paramedics across Australia are protesting after two women managed to avoid a prison sentence for a callous, vicious and savage assault on a 40-year […]

‘Idiot’ Shines Laser Pen into Paramedics Eyes Whilst Responding to an Emergency Call

  15th May ’18  | Twitter @ES_Humour | Contact us |Visit our Website   Paramedic manages to keep control of his vehicle despite having a laser pen shone into his eyes   An ‘oxygen thief’ has shone a laser pen into the eyes of a Paramedic as he drove his emergency ambulance with a patient on […]

If you are going to stick a label onto an EMERGENCY VEHICLE, then at least learn how to spell!

    14th May ’18  | Twitter @ES_Humour | Contact us | Website   Apparently, the numpty who left this note will decide as to whether or not your call is an ACTUAL Emergency!   The strange, odd and unnecessary habit of peculiar people leaving handwritten notes on emergency vehicles, seems to have taken a turn […]

Notice to Parking Wardens: When you see a FIRE ENGINE on the streets, it will ALWAYS be on ‘official duty’

    11th May ’18  | Twitter @ES_Humour | Contact us | Website   Local Council revokes a parking ticket issued to Fire Service, conceding that they were on ‘official duty’   Back on the 4th May, a ‘Civil Enforcement Officer’ working for Mid Sussex District Council just happened to see a big red fire engine parked […]

CCTV Parking enforcement vehicle thinks it’s an AMBULANCE

    10th May ’18  | Twitter @ES_Humour | Contact us | Website   This parking enforcement CCTV vehicle clearly subscribes to the notion of ‘do as I say, not as I do’…     The above image was sent into us anonymously via our website earlier on today. It clearly shows what is believed to […]

Man JAILED for 6 months for repeatedly ABUSING paramedic crews

  9th May ’18  | Twitter @ES_Humour | Contact us | Website   Medics & Police were repeatedly abused by 57-year old Keith Henderson from Inverness   Inverness Sheriff Court heard that on several occasions, Mr Henderson got a knife as he swore at Ambulance crews and the Police on two separate occasions (20th and 28th […]

Jeremy Hunt has been telling PRIVATE hospitals to get their s__t together. BEFORE working with the NHS!?

Tues 8th May ’18  | Twitter @ES_Humour | Contact us | Website   Mr Hunt BLASTS private hospitals over safety standards   The Health Secretary has told private companies which wants to work with the NHS the they need to “get their house in order” within the next two weeks or face Government legislation in order […]

One of the reasons why London has fallen victim to the recent increase in violence (and it’s NOT because EVERYONE isn’t armed)

Mon 7th May ’18 (updated 8th May)  | Twitter @ES_Humour | Contact us | Website   Chances are that things will only get WORSE before they get better…   When I served in the Metropolitan Police on a 999 Response Team, we used to actually have the time to be able to do some ‘pro-active’ policing. […]

Are the RNLI right to dismiss two Lifeboatmen for having mugs with unclothed women on them?

  Fri 4th May ’18 – Cop(ex)  | Twitter @ES_Humour | Contact us | Website   Two crew-members have been cast adrift by the RNLI after a senior female member of staff spotted two novelty mugs at the Whitby Station   I have had the privilege & honour of doing a short stint in the RNLI as […]

RESULTS: Which paper did YOU vote as being the MOST likely to publish a negative story about the emergency services?

  Fri 4th May ’18  | Twitter @ES_Humour | Contact us | Website   Following a poll that we carried out via our popular Facebook page, we can now reveal the papers which YOU have voted as being the most likely to publish a negative story about the #EmergencyServicesFamily   When we thought about carrying […]